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I am Christopher Lukman, a media researcher based at the Film Department of the Free University Berlin. I am working on a PhD project entitled “Cuteness and the Popular Aesthetics of Videogames”, funded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation).

My studies took me through Musicology and German Literature at the University of Tübingen to a master’s programme going by the fancy name of Cultural Poetics of Literature and Media at the University of Münster. An interest in the history of aesthetic theory formed the backbone of my studies.

Inbetween my Master’s and my doctorate, I worked for the non-profit organisation IMAGINARY, which ignited my passion for Science Communication. I also became an activist in the Network for Good Labor in Academia (NGAWiss), which I continue to be to this day. (see activism tab)

Find my full CV here (page is safe).